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Doing Business in Anguilla


Types of companies in Anguilla are:

• Ordinary Company;
• International Business Company;
• Limited Liability Company;
• Partnership & Limited Partnership.

Companies in Anguilla must be incorporated through a local agent all of whom, are licensed under the new Company Management Ordinance and regulated by the Inspector of Company Managers. The Government and private sector are working closely together to establish best practice guidelines for company managers. These will be designed to ensure that through the application of due diligence procedures and the adoption of high standards of practice, Anguilla attracts the best business and that its reputation is maintained.

The relevant IBC, LLC, Limited Partnership and Trust Ordinances all provide a statutory exemption from all forms of corporate, income withholding or other like taxes in respect of international Anguilla Companies business. Companies are usually formed instantly using the ACORN system.

Forms of Business Organisation

Ordinary Company

The ordinary company, which can be used both within Anguilla and as an offshore vehicle, is governed by the new Companies Ordinance. The Ordinance contains many attractive features:

• companies may be incorporated by one incorporator and have one director;
• companies may be limited by shares, by guarantee or by both shares and guarantee;
• the Ordinance abolishes the doctrine of ultra vires;
• companies may acquire, purchase or own their own shares;
• filing formalities have been streamlined;
• companies may continue in or out of Anguilla;
• a special class of Specific Private Companies that are exempted from some record keeping and accounting requirements.

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