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Anguilla Immigration Information Work Permit

Only Anguillan nationals and naturalised citizens may work in Anguilla. Only volunteer, unpaid services may be provided by non-citizens without obtaining such permits.

All others are required to obtain a work permit from the Department of Labour. It must be approved by the Department of Immigration. This is necessary if you want to be employed for any length of time. In order to be hired, the position must be advertised on the radio to prove that no natives in Anguilla can fill the spot. Work permits cannot exceed four years, unless you are considered essential to the development of Anguilla.

In order to apply for such a permit, or to start a business in Anguilla, you must submit the following documents:

• passport;
• police records for past 10 years;
• certified academic/skills certificates;
• medical report;
• three passport photos;
• three character references of people who have known you at least three years;
• tax clearance form from the government of Anguilla.

In order to start a business, you also must submit a detailed business plan and business licence.





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